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The 5280 Mermaid

"Eat, Drink & Be Cozy" Cocktail Infusion Kit; Add Bourbon or Whiskey

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Each container makes about 6 cocktails and can be infused twice thus creating 12 cocktails.

Ingredients: Apples, lemons, cinnamon, oranges, organic cane and non GMO Turbinado sugar. No artificial ingredients ever!

Infusion Instructions:

Day 1: Add 12 oz. of Bourbon or Whiskey & refrigerate.
Day 2: Shake 1 or 2 times while you impatiently wait for your spirit to infuse.
Day 3: Shake your infusion and take a little taste. If you love the flavors, you are ready for the next step. If you would like it stronger, put back in fridge for 1 or 2 days, but taste each day so it doesn't get bitter.
YAY, IT IS TIME!!! When it is to your liking, give it a good strong shake and strain out your infused spirit. (You can reuse your infusion kit contents to do a 2nd batch by adding more alcohol plus 2-3 T sugar - it will be a bit weaker.)

Serving Suggestions:

Add 1-2 oz to a mixer such as hot/cold cider or cream soda or Martinelli's apple juice or chai.
Or simply sip straight on the rocks.
Final step? Take a breath, relax and enjoy your cocktail!

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